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Our Faith at Work



Please pick up your baskets by December 4th.

Return furnished baskets by December 19th.

Deliveries will be made on the 19th after mass.

St. Joseph's Parish welcomes all of us to their Christmas Party on the 19th.

All families are encouraged to celebrate JOY with our 

brothers and sisters in Christ!


St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church has been selected

by the Denver Award Program for the

2016 DENVER AWARD in the PLACES OF WORSHIP category!

We have been recognized as a local organization that "enhances the positive image of small business through service to [our] customers and [our] community.

We have been classified as "exceptional [in helping to] make the Denver area a great place to live, work and play."


Thank you St. Elizabeth parishioners for being you

and shining your light in our community!

The joys and hopes, the grief and anguish of the people of our time,
especially of those who are poor or afflicted, are the joys and hopes,
the grief and anguish of the followers of Christ as well.
Nothing that is genuinely human fails to find an echo in their hearts.
For theirs is a community of people united in Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit
in their pilgrimage towards the Father's kingdom,
bearers of a message of salvation for all of humanity.
That is why they cherish a feeling of deep solidarity with the human race and its history.
(Gaudium et Spes, 1)

Earth Stewardship Team

The Earth Stewardship Team is an organic offshoot of St. Elizabeth’s 2014 JustMatters course on climate change.  The group seeks not only to continue growing in its understanding of how faith, social justice, and care for creation are inextricably linked, but also to raise consciousness and inspire action within the parish community.

Contact: Lisa McMahon: lisa@stelizabethdenver.org


Sandwich LineVolunteers make sandwiches for the daily Sandwich Line

Jesus asks, "Do you love me? Then feed my sheep" (John 21:17).

The Sandwich line ministry is the largest and oldest ministry at St. Elizabeth of Hungary. The poor and hungry are served 11 am daily with soup, sandwich and dessert.  By the grace of God and the generosity of parishioners, we feed, clothe and nurture the men and women who come to our door.

Each morning, a team of volunteers gathers in the kitchen to begin the meal-making process. Approximately sixty cups of coffee and a minimum of seven quarts of juice are prepared. One hundred and twenty sandwiches are assembled to give out.  The soup maker prepares two big pots of homemade soup - enough to feed 100-200 people in need of a good meal.  Dessert is served daily and is often donated by local bakeries. In order to meet the various needs of our guests, volunteers collect coats, gloves, hats, blankets, socks, sleeping bags and sundries to provide warmth and hygiene.

Helping individuals who are living in poverty is an important part of the St. Elizabeth of Hungary community.  Each person is treated with respect and dignity.  Our clients are prayed for and welcomed into our church for spiritual nourishment.  Jesus gave us a mission when he said, "Do you love me? Then tend my sheep."

Donations of food, clothing and financial support are always welcome.

St. Elizabeth belongs to the Food Bank of the Rockies and the Coalition for the Homeless.

To get involved, contact: Tim Lenahan: timlenahan@msn.com


Christmas Baskets

Sr. Macrina brings a basket of food for a family at Christmas.


Every year this ministry touches the hearts and lives of over 130 families throughout Denver and in the Eastern Plains.

Families can connect with those in need by simply picking up a basket at Christmas and filling it with goodies for one person or a family.

It’s an opportunity to join together as a family and bring  joy to people in need.

To give or receive a basket, please contact the parish office.


Peace and Justice

St. Elizabeth’s Peace and Justice Group informs fellow parishioners about  forums, events and speakers in the Denver area on issues regarding Catholic social teaching.  E-mail notifications cover events not noted in normal parish communications.  Any parish member may join this e-mail list.

Contact: Gerry Prus at: prusgt@juno.com