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Pastoral Council Discernment

Prayer for Discernment

For New Members of Pastoral Committee

Gracious and loving God, Your Son, Jesus, is our model of servant leadership. He taught us how to pray and bless Your Holy name. Filled with compassion, he healed the sick and lame, and fed the hungry multitudes. Through his parables and his life, he showed us how to forgive. He washed the feet of his disciples, challenging us to follow his example. In all things, he trusted You. May we, as the faith community of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, place our trust in You during our discernment process. May we be open to the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we seek servant leaders committed to the Gospel and our mission as a community. We ask this through Jesus the Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Mission Statement

We are a Eucharistic Community which gathers in prayer and service to share our lives and respond to our world with compassion. 

Inspired by Vatican II and embracing the spirit of Saints Elizabeth, Francis of Assisi and Vincent DePaul, we will work to build a House of God where justice and peace prevail, and where all are welcomed, known and loved.



New Member Discernment Process

The purpose of the Pastoral Committee is to be ‘a consultative body to the pastor which unites laity, clergy and staff in a community of prayer, leadership, service and pastoral planning.’

This fall we will discern several members from the St. Elizabeth of Hungary faith community to our Pastoral Committee to fill the positions coming open.

There are several steps in the discernment process for new committee members.  One of the most important components is the prayer of the community – prayer that we may be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the selection of our Committee members.  We hope that you have been including the prayer for discernment, found at the top of this page, in your daily prayers.

The second step is the nomination process.  On Sunday, Sept 23 we will all have the opportunity to nominate individuals that we believe would be good servant leaders for our faith community.  The qualities that are important for a committee member are:  prayerful, discerning, patient, collaborative, communicator, listener, a seeker of the common good, a person of vision, and a person who can empower others.

Nominees will be contacted and invited to attend an information/ education session on Tuesday, Oct 9 (6-8pm).  This session is designed to help nominees learn the purpose of the parish pastoral council, the responsibilities of a committee member, how the council operates, amount of time required, etc.

Nominees who decide to continue in the process will participate in a discernment session on Saturday, Oct 20 (9am-1pm). 

All members of committee (current and newly discerned individuals) will join together for a retreat experience on Saturday, Nov 10.   Committee members will be commissioned on Sunday, Nov 18 as we celebrate the feast of our patron, St. Elizabeth of Hungary.


We ask you to hold this process in your prayers and come on Sunday, Sept 23 prepared to submit names of parishioners for discernment to parish council.